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Main » 2010 » February » 4 » Change Local Static IP Address in Ms-DOS [lebih lengkap]
Change Local Static IP Address in Ms-DOS [lebih lengkap]
4:10 PM

Change Local Static IP Address in Ms-DOS

Ok, to change a local Static IP Address, open your command prompt and type:

c:\>netsh interface ip set address local static zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz 1

Which X represent IP address, Y represent subnet mask and Z represent gateway, and at the end you require to put "1″ You my check your setting manually after apply the above command for change IP address in ms dos

Change Local DHCP IP Address in Ms-Dos

To set the IP address to become DHCP IP Address, here the command to change IP address in ms dos:

c:\>netsh interface ip set address local dhcp

Before you do any changes, you can actually save your current IP address setting into a text file, and restore the IP address later on.

Save Local IP Address in Ms-Dos

To save the current local IP address setting, you can use this command:

c:\>netsh -c interface dump > network1.txt

After you save this setting, you can apply the command above Static IP Address or DHCP IP Address

Restore Local IP Address in Ms-Dos

To restore back the setting you have save, you just require to use this restore IP Address setting command:

c:\>netsh -f network1.txt

You can play around this few ms-dos command, to change, save and restore your IP address setting.

Here come iCalvyn’s Freeware

With the above coding, you may design your self different batch file, I have create the most simple way to change ip address in ms dos. Assume you require 2 network setting, Office and Home


Open a notepad, type in below command and save it as name.bat, which you can name the batch file with your network name, eg. Office.bat, Home.bat, School.bat

cd\ netsh interface ip set address local static yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy zzz.zzz.zzz.zzz 1

Create 1 for your office network and name it as office.bat, another for home network, which name it as home.bat. If your home network using DHCP, type the below code in your notepad and save it as home.bat


cd\ netsh interface ip set address local dhcp

Now, you have this 2 batch file on your desktop, just plug in your network cable while you at that particular location, double click on the file, your local IP address will be change accordingly. You may create more different batch file if your laptop require to plug into different network. If you require any assit regarding this change ip address with ms dos, you are welcome to contact me :)

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